Posted on December 29, 2019 at 8:35 pm

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Stand up Comedian Mahesh Kotagi gets his Podcast on!

Mahesh and Daniel give you NO MORE TOKENS!


We had a chance to speak to Comedian Mahesh Kotagi about his work and the podcast he has created for his listeners. Podcast is the biggest thing right now in the Digital world.

No More Tokens is a podcast which is also co-hosted with his friend  – film maker Daniel Marcha. Mahesh’s stand up comedy has been featured on Laughs on Fox and has been part of multiple comedy festivals including the upcoming 2019 Burbank Comedy Festival.

Daniel has produced series for Yahoo!, Fox Digital, and E!, and is currently helping produce content for YouTube Content Creators. It is a podcast that explores diversity and Hollywood – and the lack of.  They interview writers, actors, directors, producers, comedians, casting directors, and agents/managers.

No More Tokens Podcast
No More Tokens Podcast

Mahesh tells that

Our goal is to highlight diverse talent and people that are helping break boundries, their struggles, their triumphs, and pepole that are helping with inculsion and diversity overall.  Some fun guests to highlight include: Priyanka Mattoo – former talent agent, Sonal Shah – on the original cast of Scrubs and one of the first Indian females to be on a network tv show, TV Writer Vidhya Iyer, Jolene Purdy from Orange is the New Black, and America Got Talent casting director Naela Durrani.

Here is what Mahesh had to say!

What made you go into comedy?

I’ve always been a fan of stand up since I was a kid and finally tried it when I was in college and have not stopped since!

What inspired you to become a comedian?

The first time I got the push to go on stage was thanks to Russell Peters the OG.  He showed us all that brown people can be comedians too and it was nice seeing someone like yourself on stage being funny.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into launching this podcast show?

So I’ve been doing stand up for 8 years now and have started auditioning for TV/film roles.  Most of the stuff I was going out for was super stereotypical and I realized I probably wasn’t the only one experiencing this.  The past year diversity and inclusion has become a hot topic in Hollywood and Daniel and I ended up chatting about it for hours one night.  We decided it could make a great podcast to highlighting people and their stories and how they overcame all of these struggles to pursue their dreams.

What future projects will you be working on?

Just finished up a feature film script and a pilot for a tv show – hopefully will sell those soon and be on the big screen!

This podcast is a two host show – how did you both team up on hosting it?

My co-host Daniel Marcha and I met in LA and became friends quickly.  It is great to do this podcast with him because he is a super talented filmmaker and he really knows movie history and stuff.  I bring the stand up side and together we have great in depth talks with our guests.
Be sure to check out his podcast now out on iTunes!
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