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Watch Movie to Improve Learning

Watch Movie to Improve Learning

Teachers are different. Some experts from will find the idea of using movies to teach useful while others will not and provide other ways to make better learning process or to and to make essay brilliant. Regardless of who agrees with the idea of using movies in learning, they have been found to be quite helpful. In literature, for example, students have been asked to read their books and watch movies on the same book something appears to help them grasp the text better while also helping with their memory. Some teachers also ask students to compare and contrast books and movies with the end goal being that they will have helped their students develop their analytical skills. So, movies in education is not an idea that should be brushed aside. With movies, students are able to remember the scenes much more readily than they can remember what they read in a book. This article seeks to showcase why movies can be a great addition to the education setup.

Movies for Comprehension

Movies can be an important tool for comprehension. While in class, teachers use different things to test students comprehension. Some may use quizzes while others may consider reading logs. Well, a problem with all these methods is that they do not reinforce ideas or help students fill in the gaps they have after reading a novel or any book. However, using movies can offer teachers a solution to students’ comprehension problems. While watching a movie on a novel they have or are reading, students get to enhance their understanding of the text. However, this only happens to those students whose comprehension is strong. To those with weak comprehensions, the movie will be crucial as it will help them fill in the gaps and become more aware of what they read. In the end, movies will help increase comprehension of text thus making sure teachers avoid repetitive work. For example, while teaching a math method, a teacher can be forced to use a movie to help enhance the comprehension of the students. The Gifted movie math method is a good example of how teachers can reinforce an idea into their students. The method is not only discussed and explained in the movie but does help students solve problems quite easily.



Usage of films for Unmotivated Readers

Films can also be used to help unmotivated readers. Teachers encounter different students. Some may like reading while others may not like reading which makes up a significant percentage of
why people go to school. However, if a teacher is in such a class, they should not worry or feel discouraged. Using films can help students develop a liking for reading. Teachers can, thus, use
film versions of the assigned readings or novels in the hope of motivating the students. For example, a teacher can come to class armed with movie clips for education. These should be
related to the assigned reading. The teacher should then show them to the students while citing the different events or stories in the assigned reading. To engage the students, the teacher may
then ask the students to predict the ending or the next bits of the book based on the clips. In the end, the teacher will have managed to motivate the students to read. Suspense can be a useful
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Movies for improving Thinking Strategies

Developing thinking strategies can be a problem for students. However, finding a strategy to incorporate lessons to help students in this area can be a problem. Curriculums are rigid and at
times can never bend to incorporate certain lessons. For example, it may be a problem to incorporate lessons to help or teach students analytical skills. However, by including movies in your class, you can help students learn this particular skill. Teaching using a book and a movie version of the book can be used to challenge students. For example, students can be asked to
explain how both approach or reveal the themes in the story. Slowly, the students may be able to develop observational as well as analytical skills which are essential in school and life.

How and Where to find Movies

Finding movies is not a problem but finding learning movies can be especially those that correlate to the novels or text you are reading in class. For some reason, these are never
advertised and only come to be found after a lot of research. Well, below are some of the places you may find movies:

– Library–the library should always be your first stop. The librarian can be a helpful
resource especially if he is well connected with other librarians. If not, check with other
libraries especially community libraries.
– YouTube and other online streaming sites–YouTube is a useful resource, and you may be
surprised by the number of movies that are uploaded on this magnificent platform. Search
YouTube to establish whether your movie can be found here. You can find The Student
movie on YouTube as well as other movies and plays. Or, you can check with the
streaming sites, for example, Netflix or Amazon which may ask you to subscribe to their
– Book trailers –you can find these on some websites which share previews of books.
However, instead of offering visitors the normal preview, these sites offer you a movie-
like preview.


In conclusion, the use of movies in learning should be given proper consideration. Teachers can see a change in information reception and retention as well as a change in attitude
among their students.

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