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How to Write an Essay Comparing Two Movies

How to Write an Essay Comparing Two Movies

You may think that writing an essay comparing two movies is a difficult task, but it is not. If you follow the guide given by the Irish playwright Denis Johnston you will find it easier to write your essay in a perfect way. The famous Irish playwright stated that “all stories are based on the same eight plots.” With that statement in mind, you will be able to write your comparative essay outline on ‘How to Write an Essay Comparing Two Movies.’ Alternatively, even if you are unable to write an essay by yourself, you can always buy essay online via one of the various services available on the Internet.

          According to essay writing experts on how to start a comparative essay and improve academic writing, filmmakers have common things which they look for when they are making movies. In your essay, you are required to focus on what filmmakers focus on. For instance, how issues like, visuals, dialogue and how characters interact in the movies play important roles.

          Those are some of the important issues you have to take into account when you are writing your comparative essay on movies. That will help you compare and contrast the movies you are writing about.

Another important factor to have in mind is to make sure you remember that you are writing about how to write an essay comparing two movies. It’s easy to forget and write about the movies instead of focusing on the topic of your essay. In short, make sure that your writing is based on writing how to write an essay about movies and not writing about essay movies.

          Below are three important areas that movie makers focus on when they are making movies. These areas will help you identify the most important parts of the movie-making process so that you can write your essay with the right information. They are visual effects, dialogue, and characterization.


Visual Effects

          Wikipedia defines visual effects as “the process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot in film making.” in other words; visual effects are that imagery created once the movie has been shot.

          Visual effects are added later because they cannot be integrated while the movie is being shot. With the help of computer software, this is made possible during when the movie or film is being edited. These effects help enhance the quality of the movie and make them attractive and explain the impression the movie makers want to portray.

Some of the visual effects added are like color, light, shapes etc. These things are added to make the movie produce certain effects. This is the work of movie editors who do this work after the movie has been recorded.


          Dialogue is a conversation between two parties or more. In movies, we see and hear characters dialogue on various issues. Through dialogue agreement or settlement can be reached in an amicable way.

  When two people or more are having a conversation in a movie there is something they want to accomplish with their exchange. This dialogue helps the viewer to listen and understand what is being conveyed. The exchange of ideas opinions on issues, whether political, social, financial, or social communicate meaning and purpose of the movie. Through these dialogues, it becomes easier to follow the story of the movie.  

          Therefore, in writing your essay, remember to compare and contrast the two movies through the movie dialogues that are taking place in both movies. This will show how movie makers manipulate movies to make them look different and have different results.


          Another important factor in your essay writing on comparing and contrasting two movies is how characters are playing their roles in the chosen movies. A character in a movie is an actor who plays a role that is either fictional or real. The story may be fictional or based or a real story.

          There are movies where there is a main character who the movie is focused on as the main character. He or she normally has an opposing character that often plays the devil’s advocate. And there are many other characters that play major or minor roles but make up the story which is being conveyed in the movie.

          Once you are able to state the main components on what movie makers focus on it will make your work easier. You can now go ahead and make an outline of your essay. Write the introduction to the body and conclusion. I

Essay introductions require that you state briefly what you want to write about. In the body, present argument according to the thesis of the story. Conclusions for compare and contrast essays require that you recapture the whole story in brief, stating the main points of your essay and sum it up.

          How to write an essay about a movie may look like a difficult task but you can simplify your work by knowing how filmmakers approach their work and what things they focus on. Things like the plot of the story, the visuals used in a movie, and how characters interact with each other will guide you on what to focus on. Make an outline of your essay before you can start and then write the introduction body and conclusion. Comparing writing is a good way to learn from others but make sure you do not copy other people’s works. While writing your essay give credit to the people you quote from and make your copy original.

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