Posted on November 17, 2016 at 4:40 pm

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Yeh Vaada Raha to take a leap; Ankush Arora bids goodbye?

It’s going to be different, yet the same. We are talking about TV show Yeh Vaada Raha which is all set for a radical revamped. The entire cast will be replaced except two artistes —Sonal Vengurlekar, who plays the protagonist and Rinku Karmarkar, who portrays Tai.

Yeh Vaada Raha

The decision has been prompted by a fifteen year time leap in the show. A source says,

“While Rinku will continue as Tai, Sonal will play her own daughter. The male lead, Ankush Arora, will make way for a senior actor, who suits the character of a fifty-year old.”

The show is produced by Vikas Seth, Mahesh Pandey and Deepak Kumar (Trishulla Productions) recently completed three hundred episodes. Ankush says,

“The audience won’t find it convincing if they made me play a fifty-year old. Obviously, I can’t play Sonal’s daughter in the show and hence, I am exiting.”

Producer Vikas Seth says,

“Every show has an organic story progression and post a successful one year run, we have now decided to give the show a complete new chapter by taking a leap where we culminate the old story and begin a new era with Khushi’s journey (Kartik and Survi’s daughter). The new track should begin by end of this month”.

Mahesh Pandey adds,

“The show is going for a revamp organically. There will be fifteen year leap and Ankush won’t be part of the show post leap as he can’t be playing a fifty-year old father as he is just starting out in his career”.

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