Posted on November 17, 2016 at 4:33 pm

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Kinhsuk Mahajan becomes the new Naag on television!

Popular actor Kinshuk Mahajan, who is mostly known as Ranvir from the successful show Bidaai is back in action. The actor will be seen in Naagin 2. When asked about his reasons for taking up this show Kinshuk says,

“The reason why I chose Naagin 2 was especially the character of Rudra, it’s a very important character in Naagin 2. When they narrated me the character I immediately liked the concept. It’s a positive character with a  super natural powers. He is a Naag. The show is very popular. Honestly I have always said no to supernatural show but this time I thought of trying once and see how this will workout for me.”


The last show Kinshuk was in was Tere Shahar Mein. He adds,

“Last show which I did was Tere Shahar Main and played the lead role in the show. And also I was doing a Telugu film and was busy that time. Tere Shahar Mein went off air very soon because it was already under scanner, so after Tere Shahar Mein I decided not to do a show in a hurry. I wanted to wait for a good opportunity, a good show and a good character. And here it is Rudra for me.”

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