Posted on November 9, 2016 at 2:24 am

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Celebs relive their childhood memories this Diwali season!

Diwali is the most awaited holiday of the year in India, it’s a time where we gather with all of our friends and family and celebrate the coming of the new year.  Check out what TV stars had to say about this Diwali season and their childhood memories about how they celebrated.


Madhurima Tuli: “Diwali has always been very special because in childhood we had family and friends coming to our place for a vacation. The entire day we use to decorate our house and then the whole night we use to burst crackers till our parents yell at us. And this Time also I am gonna celebrate the same way with my family, maybe not burst so many crackers as we have realized it creates a lot of noise and air pollution. I also celebrated Diwali with the unit of an ad for which I was shooting.”


Devoleena Bhattacharjee: “I use to decorate or paint diyas for Diwali and even today I make it possible to paint or decorate max five dia myself after or before shoot time. I love decorating house from childhood to now and I enjoy doing it myself. My mom makes sweets and we offer Lakshmi puja later at night. We I remember enjoying Kali Puja at my hometown Assan during Diwali!”


Tejaswi Prakash: “For Diwali, I use to wait for my mom to make sweets for us or say Lakshmi Puja and even I do the same today. ButIi am so depo about that from childhood to now that I make a way to taste the sweet before offering to god and my mom use to and still scold me for the same. I have many such Dewali memories.”


Mahika Sharma: “I still remember during Diwali we use to enjoy a lot at kali puja mandaps. The sounds of dhaak and giving Anjali to goddess Kali. And next day morning making sweets with mom and gift packing it and visiting relatives and friend. Even today I make sweet and make a way to gift it to my friends and relatives.”


Shamin Mannan: “When I was a kid my dad and my grand father used to buy me and my sister boxes full of crackers and then we used to distribute equally among ourselves and also fight over the crackers. We also make a point to go for kali puja pandal hopping wearing new clothes and also go to our neighbors and eat their homemade mithai. Those memories I still live with my sister if we are at our hometown for Diwali.”


Roop Durgapal: “My fondest memory of Childhood Diwali is the one which coincided with my birthday. There was a huge double celebration at night with bonfires all around my house along with loads of firecrackers. I remember running around & playing with Fuljhadis & hand bombs with my friends. Diwali away from my parental home is just another day for me. I just light diyas & do bit puja.”


Kunal Jaisingh: “My favorite part as a child used to be the excitement of the holidays. Vacation from school as Diwali would come closer we as a family would decorate the house with lights and lanterns all those things were the best part of my childhood Diwali and even today decorating house brings excitement for me. I do it as of my own as much as I can.”


Mrunal Jain: “I still remember my excitement for getting Diwali outfits and performing puja after it and even now I love to buy and wear new clothes on Diwali and do pooja with parents. That tradition is still followed.”


Hriday Gattani: “It’s always been about the skyline and the beautiful lights all over the city. as kids, we’d enjoy lighting up crackers and see them brighten up the sky. but now we realize the ecological effect, so instead we still look out at the beautiful skyline of the city and the colorful decorations outside every window and enjoy the beauty !! Also, it’s always been about getting together with friends and family and that’s still the same.”

Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali!


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