Posted on November 9, 2016 at 2:04 pm

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The Post-Election sarcasm posts will at least give you a little laugh!

Well happy day-after the election day everyone…can’t say a lot of us are satisfied with the outcome. And those who are not really ‘happy’ well they have utilized the Internet (like always) to express their sarcasm towards America’s decisions, and its quite entertaining.

There have been numerous posts on my timeline this morning of some pretty hilarious memes, posts, and so on about Donal Trump becoming…POTUS. That itself sounds terrifing.

*que inserting the upside-down smiley emoji*

1. Well teachers…


2. If we’re getting literal, then yes.

3. So much for daylight savings…


4. If  Channa Mereya is your new favorite track, well the song will now have new meaning to you. (Side note- the entire world is crying for us).

5. Honestly Lilly is already campaigning after Trump’s term is over, let’s all hop on this bandwagon!

6. But seriously…

It is extremely hard for a lot of the country to accept what has happened. I can’t give much advice other than to pray, and seriously hope for the best as much as we can. If anything we should stand together as a country and not part ways.

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