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This is how TV stars plan to spend Navratri!

The Navratri season has finally come, this is the most favorite and popular event of the year. Nine days of great fun. This is time to be joyous and to celebrate, our amazing television celebrities are doing just that. They share with us their favorite Navratri memory and song during the Garba season. Check out what they had to say,


Ankit Bathla : For us Punjabis, Navratri is a time to worship the goddess, Shakti. I remember my grandmother would take us to the temple every day in the morning. After that, we would have Khetri in the house and finally the puri chole and halwa on Ashtami. This year, I think I will be in Mumbai. I may just step out for Garba, but nothing planned yet.


Favorite song: I love Falguni Pathak’s songs. I can dance on them whole night!


Asmita Sood: I’m from Himachal, and Navratri there only meant no non-veg, fasting for 9 days and doing puja! In fact, the first time I played Dandiya was with my friends in Delhi, and I loved the experience. This Navratri, I’ll mostly be traveling for shoots celebrating in several cities, because it’s celebrated all over the country!


Favorite song: I would like to play Garba on the song Nagada from Ram-Leela.


Jasmin Bhasin : I have some amazing memories of Navratri. I remember we used to organize Dandiya in school. I would literally wait for the festival! This time, I am going to be in Mumbai as I am busy with work. But I’ll try to go out if work permits!


Favorite song: Dhol Baaje from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam


Jay Soni: Navratri has always been a time for celebration. It’s all about enjoying yummy, home cooked food and dancing the night away! And I never go to one place. I and my friends go to several events. This time too, if work permits, I will try and attend as many Garba events as I can.


Favourite song:  It has to be Falguni Pathak songs!


Krrip Kapur Suri: I have a lot of beautiful memories of spending Navratri during my childhood days with my mom, dad, and siblings. We use to observe fast for 9 days. And the main aim for fasting was the puris, pakoras and other food we’d eat! This year, I’ll be in Mumbai with my whole family and it’s going to be special, like always!


Favourite song:  Any peppy Bollywood number.


Mreenal Deshraj : There are no memories as such, but I have always enjoyed attending Garba events as a chief guest. It’s a lot of fun to see little kids getting dressed up and play Garba. This year, I’ll be here in Mumbai attending events.


Favourite song:  Nagada Sang Dhol from Ram Leela.


Pranitaa Pandit: I love this festival and I have fond memories of celebrating Navratri. In my college in Pune, we used to have a lot of fun. I remember going out with my friends, and we used to dance the night away in a large group. I miss that. But this year, I plan to be in Mumbai. It’s going to be amazing, I’m sure!


Favourite song: Any Falguni Pathak number



Sumit Kaul: I have never been much of a Garba person. Although My mom conducts the Chandi Ka Path for 8 days and does Havan on the 9th day, which we are always part of. For me, these days are less about celebration. I take it as an opportunity to move towards a spiritual awakening. But that’s just me!


Favourite song: Bichuaa by Lata Mangeshkar and Manna dey


Saurabh Pandey: During Navratri, I remember, that in my house, my mother would stop us from eating onion, garlic or non-veg dishes. We would go on a complete Vaishnav diet. This Navratri, if I’m not shooting, I like to visit my home in Gurgaon.


Favourite song: I like a mix of devotional and Garba songs.


Shardul Pandit : My favourite Navratri memory is when I was in UAE and had gone for a Garba event. It’s special because there was a 75-year-old woman, who couldn’t even walk, came to dance with me. It was so heartening. This year, I wish I can go to Ahmadabad because I’ve heard they have the best Dandiya. I’d even like to visit my hometown Indore, where the biggest Garba events happen. In fact, I have hosted quite a few of them, and it’s so much fun.


Favourite song: Any upbeat Bollywood number.

I hope everyone is enjoying this Navratri season.

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