Posted on October 4, 2016 at 12:55 am

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Vibhu Raghave's Hollywood Debut

These past few years alot of Bollywood actors have been getting amazing opportunities to work in films in Hollywood. Handsome actor Vibhu K. Raghave who has done many shows like Suvreen Guggal and Nisha aur uske cousins will soon be seen doing his debut in Hollywood film “Pitchfork”.


When talking about the project Vibhu expresses,

“I met the writer and director of ‘Pitchfork’, Glenn Douglas Packard while working on  my first Bollywood film Rhythm in Europe. After a few interactions he narrated a story which he was to direct later. I wasn’t aware that at the end of narration he would ask me to audition for one of the lead roles in that film. I auditioned after coming back to India and everything else just fell into place.”

He continued to talk about his experience and stated,

“Pitchfork was much more than just a project for me. I play a mixed race character called ‘Gordon’. He is one of the lead characters and with his friends he goes to meet one of their family members in a countryside farmhouse.  It’s a positive character full of fun, romance, and action. Secondly, I was the only Indian on the complete cast and crew. In fact, some of them had never met an Indian from India earlier! Because we shot it in countryside Michigan I had a chance to live and learn the countryside life. There’s a different joy in trying to adjust to a different culture. All the actors lived in the same house in the middle of a remote farm. We would take turns in cleaning dishes and mopping floors. Their approach to project execution was very different from what I had experienced in India. I think I came back as a better professional and as a changed person.”

unnamed-1Be sure to catch Vibhu in is Hollywood debut “Pitchfork” and also the future Hollywood project he will be doing. We wish all the best and can’t wait to see him in Hollywood.

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