Posted on October 2, 2016 at 4:32 pm

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#TVTalks: Gandhi's philosophies are still relevant in today's times!

On the occasion of the 147th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi popular TV actors like Gaurav Khanna, Mahika Sharma and Anuj Sachdeva said that the philosophy of truth and non-violence that the Father of the Nation followed, are still very much relevant in today’s times. Gandhi’s birth anniversary on October 2 is also celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence all over the world.So are his philosophies still relevant in today’s times. Here’s what TV celebs have to say:


Anuj Sachdeva: Gandhiji famously said, ‘You must be the change you wish to see in this world’. And this sentence holds true more than ever. The surgical strikes done by the Indian Army tells us that terrorism of any kind needs to be banished and it is important that we did these strikes. The army is bringing peace in our nation and it is being the change we wish to see today.

Gaurav Khanna: Self-restraint is the best show of power. So I feel Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy is very much relevant in today’s times.

Shamim Mannan: Gandhiji’s philosophy is relevant in today’s world to a considerable extent. His ideals were quite liberal, such as non-violence and tolerance. Today, all one needs for a better world is to eradicate violence and accept tolerance in the society. These philosophies must be best practiced now, considering the ongoing tragedies happening in the world. Gandhiji had always preached non communalism and was absolutely against corruption.

Roop Durgapal: Two major philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi have been truth and non-violence and we all know how much of that is being followed. No matter how detrimental violence is, in today’s times it has become very difficult to answer violence with silence as it is often misunderstood with fear.

Karan Patel: Well I think people should stop judging whose philosophies are relevant today as the world is changing and so is time. Hence one will act and react to what’s going on today. I respect Gandhiji. At his time he used his idea and now it’s our time, so today’s needs are ours.

Parineeta Borthakur: I feel Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy is still relevant on a personal level. I totally believe in ‘ahimsa’, and I feel we should never deal with anyone according to how they behave with us, but the way we are, or else there won’t be any difference between the two.

Kunal Jaisingh: It’s not that relevant in today’s time as it was conveyed back then, but we must absorb the essence of his wisdom and apply it in today’s changing times.

Mahika Sharma: Throughout his life Gandhiji followed truth and non-violence. Though we don’t have similar ideology, still his philosophies are very much relevant in today’s times.

Deepak Wadhwa: Gandhiji’s philosophy will always be relevant in the times to come. All the conflicts of the world can be solved using his philosophy and not by war or terrorism. Even today, non-violence is the key to peace around the world.

Tejasswi Prakash: Gandhiji was India’s pride. What he thought was for the betterment of the society. Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable. The philosophy will always remain relevant forever.

Rishina Kandhari: With what see and what we hear about the world now a days , Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy is loosing its relevance in today scenario!!

Moulli Ganguly: I feel it is somewhere relevant and always will be.. Because non-violence and peace are something that all of us want and vouch for. So i feel it is relevant and we should follow it!

Alokk Narula: It’s relevant to some extent only. As in today’s time No one is going to show another cheek if you hit on the first. Non violence do exist but to some extent only. It is relevant but we need to follow it

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