Posted on October 16, 2016 at 4:58 am

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The Dangal sequence in Badho Bahu!

The recently launched show Badho Bahu, produced by Dipti Kalwani (Sunny Side UP) and Hum Tum Telefilms will soon see a Dangal sequence. The scene will witness protagonist Lucky aka Prince and antagonist Zaalim aka Shabbir Khan having a face off where they will fight in the ring. On the day of fight, Lucky will not turn out as he will be drinking somewhere but then his father played by Pankaj Dheer will enter the ring and fight with Zaalim. The evil man Zaalim will be beaten up badly.

There will also be a heroic entry of Lucky in the ring and he will be fighting very hard against Zaalim and will win the title. Writer and also the producer of the show Dipti says,

“Haryana is the backdrop of our show and wrestling is one of the main sports there. So it was appropriate for our male lead to be a wrestler.”

She also adds,

“Badho has many exciting episodes which will unfold in coming week. We will explore sports in a huge way. Our women wrestlers have also done good in this Olympic from India so it’s high time we should also come up something like that.”

The show is doing good on TRP charts also. The show has connected with masses and classes and is one of the most talked about show.

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