Posted on October 16, 2016 at 4:31 am

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Designer Vedika Merh to launch Her Online Retail Store!

Kolkata based Designer Vedika M will be launching her official online Retail store – in the coming week. No matter what part of India you are from, you can now own a Vedika M’s outfit with just a simple click!


Vedika M is a Prêt Line where color and print define their design identity. The brand prides itself in creating exclusive designs, with a fantastic blend of abstract block prints and hand brush strokes in eco friendly colors. The use of varied brush strokes and geometric prints in block colors make the garments unique.

Vedika M’s collection consists of long dresses, short dresses, statement jackets, flowy skirts and flattering dresses. Every outfit is unique and sets a trend. Contemporary chic and comfort are the highlights of this creation. No matter what age, shape or size, every woman can look for something unique and fun from the brand.

Designer Vedika Merh says,

“I am happy to announce the launch of my online shop. It will allow me to expand my reach and deliver products across India. The main focus of our brand is our prints, since they are handcrafted in-house. Our textiles are individually created by different hand painting techniques. We believe in a one-design-per-style philosophy keeping each maxi dress, jumpsuit, jackets and stylish tops limited and unique.”

Vedika M’s quirky designs, draped and easy to wear silhouettes captured in vibrant hues are perfectly tailored to give you a comfortable style statement.

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