Posted on October 16, 2016 at 11:23 pm

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Indian TV stars open up on what they feel about banning Pakistani actors!

Given the recent tension between India and Pakistan after the Uri attacks, relations have been tense between both countries. And, as usual the entertainment industry was in the middle of it all, with the big question being, whether Pakistani actors should be allowed to work in the Indian entertainment industry? We asked some Indian TV actors on what they think about the situation..

What are your views on Pakistani actors being banned in India? Entertainment industry is soft target in all this. Comment.

Gunjan Utreja – I want to ask, what will we achieve if these artists get banned? I know people want these artists to condemn the attacks. To them, I ask; Will our pain lessen then? Will the situation on the border Improve? Will our government get the right intention to act? Or, will our government get some brilliant idea on how to solve this issue, after Pakistani artists condemn the attacks? I feel that these people who are jumping the gun and are so keen on seeing an artist return to his country, are the same people who changed their profile pic on Facebook to Paris flag during Paris attack, but didn’t give a damn about Chennai floods. So I ask people to channelized their anger in a different direction.


Laksh – I don’t see any connection between actors and terrorism. An artists like Fawad Khan is known for his talent and skills and not for the country or caste he belongs to. And we cannot, under any circumstance, generalize the entire nation as being ‘terrorists’ just because a part of them have chosen the wrong path. There are so many Pakistani comedians and singers who come to India and we as audience gave them a house full. Merit in art is strictly talent based, and talent doesn’t have any religion or caste.There’s no way terrorism can be reduced by disallowing Pakistani artists to act in Indian films and TV shows. I sincerely hope that our leaders have got a plan in their heads which is making them take such a controversial decision.


Sumit Kaul – When two countries have a history of war and constant tussle, it is only natural that the people feel animosity. When a country makes use of terrorism to infiltrate and create a state of fear in its neighboring country, then dialogue becomes redundant and questions are bound to be raised on their cultural interaction. This could mean that the people and audiences may not get to enjoy some artists from the neighboring country. Us, as a nation, need to put some value to our country’s pride and integrity. After what happened in Uri, how can we talk of friendship and brotherhood with Pakistan? Our cultural policy will have to be in sync with our political our military policy. Yes, artistes do become soft targets, as they enjoy a huge amount of limelight along with opportunities they are showered by the neighboring nation. But if this was to happen equally on both sides, the anger may not be there. However, if only one country shows the majority of patience, tolerance, acceptance and magnanimity then there is bound to be resentment amongst people.


Shashank Vyas – It’s not right. This is not the solution. What if after banning everything, these kind of attacks are repeated? Art has no religion, caste or boundaries. Terrorists are terrorists, and artistes are not violent individuals. Their job is to spread peace and love, not violence. So, I would urge people to respect the talent and the artiste.


Aniruddh Dave – No one in this world has got the right to reject or accept anyone based on their caste, religion, sex or nationality. Talent never asks for a background. If you have it, you deserve to be here. And, if we are getting some of the great talents from Pakistan, we should be thankful for these actors for dedicating their talent in India rather than criticizing them. I am an Indian but I support every talented artists. Nothing would change between India and Pakistan by banning actors in Bollywood.


Jay Soni – Ban on Pakistani actors seems like an impulsive anger towards anything related to Pakistan. I do not condemn this anger and rage against our neighbour country, because I cannot even imagine the grief that the families of brave soldiers, who died, will suffer in such situations. However, this ban would definitely do nothing constructive to stop terrorism in India, except probably give some sense of peace to those families evil lost their loved ones.jay-soni-in-red

Jasmin Bhasin – Why, is the entertainment industry being targeted? We only entertain the audience irrespective caste, religion and boundaries. t would be very wrong if we are banning Pakistani actors and singers. Art is supposed to conquer differences, not widen them. The present scenario between the two countries has nothing to do with singers and actors. So, why should they suffer? Both the countries are very rich in music and other form of arts. Lets just cherish that.


Sheena Bajaj – You can not control Terrorism by banning actors. It’s a political issue and actors have nothing to do with it. Why should the entertainment industry suffer? It’s wrong that the entertainment industry is such a soft target. I stress on taking action against the people who do all this violence. Entertainment is universal irrespective of country.


Dhruv Singh – Instead of wasting time on banning Pakistan actors and singers, we should look into improving the conditions for our own talents. Talent is talent; whether they’re Indian, Pakistani or British, it doesn’t matter. It would be really bad to ban Pakistani artists from performing in India. Just as Indian artists can’t be blamed for terrorism in Pakistan, Pakistani artists can’t be blamed for terrorism in India.

Priyal Gor – Don’t really think it’s right! Because Indian actors are also working with them. I have done 2 shows for Pakistan. Actors are here to entertain audience. And not to do any kind of terrorism. I think it’s unfair. Instead of disrespecting the talent and banning them, it’s better the government look after the security and safety.



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