Posted on October 16, 2016 at 11:54 pm

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Actress, Dancer, Model Chandrika Ravi talks LA to India on!

You might have seen her photos all over the net because of her stunning beauty! Besides beauty she is smart, talented and also an International Star! Yes that is right International!  Chandrika Ravi is an International Indian actress and dancer, born in Australia. Growing up, the arts were a huge part of Chandrika’s life. Having started classical Indian dance training at the age of three, Chandrika expressed her love for being in the spotlight at a very young age.


She has won various acting and dance awards and scholarships during her High School life, which only made her hunger to chase her dreams stronger. During her teens, Chandrika was privileged enough to travel and perform around the world with The Temple of Fine Arts, the reason and drive of her love for the arts, having taken her under their wing at the young age of three. She soon felt her appetite for dancing satisfied and was ready for the next step. She went on to study a degree in Drama and Creative Arts at Murdoch University, then moving to Sydney and Singapore to further her career. In 2012, Chandrika undertook the big move and relocated to Los Angeles and completed a Diploma in Acting at The New York Film Academy.



She has got so much lined up and now a Tamil Film which she has signed this year called ‘SEI’ which is set to release this month in theaters!  In the last few years, Chandrika has won the title of Miss Maxim India Runner Up and also placed as a finalist in Miss World Australia and Miss India Australia.

Ambition, passion, determination, drive, humility and her unique look have attracted many job prospects and wowed audiences around the world. Through her achievements she has become a role model to Indian females around the world, one of the biggest blessings she could ever ask for, instilling hope and determination that they too can break the mould!


Chandrika currently resides between Los Angeles and India, where she is striving to leave her mark on the entertainment world as a true Bollywood Bombshell.

Check out what she had to say about the film and working in Hollywood and crossing over to Bollywood!  Be sure to follow this beauty she is on her way to a rising career!

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