Posted on August 21, 2016 at 3:15 am

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When Amal Sehrawat took a quick trip to Amby Valley!

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Actor Amal Sehrawat never misses a single opportunity to take a short trip close to Mumbai. Recently he has been to Amby Valley with his family and he had a gala time. He says,

“I started a pre-long weekend celebration, happily deleted END from weekend, and made it a holiday in mid of the week. I did all the adventurous sports , along with driving through clouds,as the clouds had covered the mountains. The surroundings were not less than heaven. The sports which I have played were,Rappelling,Swoop, ATV on dirt track,Zip line ( India’s longest ),Barn bridge,Sky rocket ejector,Aerial obstacle crossing,Bungee jumping and Para gliding.”


Amal also adds,

“The best learning comes from traveling, I believe its very important to take breaks after every three months, this way we can break the monotony and rejuvenate mind, our thoughts and also helps in developing a different perception.”


So how difficult or tough were all the sports to play?





Amal says,

“It seems easy to do any sport from a distance but when you reach the final start point of adventurous sport it gives a chill in spines and thats the deciding point , if you go ahead with all the safety measurements it gives an immense adrenaline rush. My most memorable one was a free fall drop from 600 feet, took me to a different zone.”

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