Posted on August 13, 2016 at 2:30 am

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TV folks talk about Independence day!

Independence Day is nearly here and everyone is in the mood to celebrate the country! Even TV stars tell us how they enjoy celebrating and memories of their childhood celebrating!
Laksh Lalwani – 15th August is an important day as we got our Independence. During school days we had a blast marching with national patriotic songs. We used to have plays and other cultural activities too. It used to be fun frolic day and I used to look forward to it. I used to keep my shows sparkling clean and shining. I always used to participate in Independence Day parade and other cultural activities. I used to love hearing patriotic songs.

Laksh Lalwani-in brown Jacket

Amal Sehrawat  For the first time when I took part in a play. I was not interested but my teacher decided so had no choice. Funniest thing was I was got so overwhelmed during the play that I overrated and even said my classmates dialogues. It was hilarious and embarrassing as well. Because India is the only country that survived and stood as one with such diverse cultures. Also I feel immense pride in the fact that we are the only country that never attacked. Defended fought survived forgave. But never attacked innocent lives for any reason.

Amal Shehrawat in black

Mrunal Jain– Independence day is one of the most important national day. Freedom is very important part of life. I experienced Independence when I took the risk of making a career in acting. Independence is important in every sense of the word. I remember I used to go to school for flag hosting. I was tall so I was made to march too all the time.

Mrunal Jain rustic look

Shashank Vyas– Most memorable one was in school when we used to go for flag hoisting on 15th August. Independence Day means getting our mind and soul free from negative thoughts. Presenting yourself as you are and not pretending. Also one should get themselves free from orthodox rules made by society.

Shashank in red hat
Vatsal Sheth– Independence day in school used to be fun. There used to be sports day and flag hosting. I used to participate in parade too. As a child one is always excited to be with schoolmates. I have been brought up in Mumbai only and the best part in school was wearing P.T. Uniform especially for 15th August.

Vatsal Sheth


Mohamamd Nazim – In school I used to be mischievous child. I was the hero in my school too and very active in school activities. 15th August was fun we used to get good treat too after the flag hosting. I used to have fun with my classmates.


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