Posted on August 13, 2016 at 2:51 am

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#CoStarTalk: Mrunal is a gem of a person – Pooja Banerjee

Actress Pooja Banerjee is all praise for her co-star Mrunal Jain in Beyond Dreams popular show Nagarjuna. Mrunal has captured Pooja’s candid moments off camera and Pooja is very happy for that. When asked she says,

“Mrunal is not just an amazing actor but also a gem of a person. He is simply amazing at whatever he does whether it is acting, being a friend or a photographer.


She further adds,

“I was pretty comfortable shooting with him. He also chose what I should wear depending on the background. He would also tell me how to pose. He takes more candid pictures and I really like them and even my parents loved the pictures he clicked.”



Pooja is also someone who is loved by everyone on the set and she is known as Buddy of the set. She adds,

“On being the buddy that’s very sweet.  Honestly I prefer working in a very friendly environment and I like to talk to everyone on set. Whether it’s the spot boy or the director , it makes the atmosphere on the set very positive which I enjoy and I am guessing everyone likes it too.”

Pooja is enjoying her current track which has a lot of emotional scenes. She adds,

“Track is pretty interesting now a lot of drama and emotional scenes. There’s lot to do as an actress and I like working with Anshuman and Mrunal. I get a lot of scope to improvise and at the same time we are goofing around each other when the scene gets over.”

Recently in the show Pooja shot her engagement scenes and she adds,

“Engagement scene was also interesting more so because we got the chance to get decked up and Mrunal did an amazing photo shoot of mine in the Indian outfit.”

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