Posted on July 26, 2016 at 5:09 am

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#makeachange The viewpoint of TV Actors on precautions we should take

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Issues are created everywhere, but it’s up to us as individuals to make a change in our society to bring that issue forward and work together as a team to solve it. TV actors Parth Samthaan, Ratan Rajput and Poonam Preet had brought forward the problem of molestation attempts out in the open in the beginning of the year. All of the actors share their views on this safety issue about actors as they roam everywhere on sets, public places or even events. They tell us about precautions one should take when public contact occurs




Krishna Gokani

“It would be nice if they wear decent clothes. Another thing that is very important is the look in someone’s eyes. It needs to be clean or it can be manipulated easily. One should be careful in public places. One’s self-responsibility and behavior do count. Live and let live”





Vahbbiz Dorabjee

“I feel no one can put you on a gun point for anything. It depends on what signals you give out as a person. No one is going to come and force themselves on you. If you maintain your conduct and dignity no one will try a stunt with you. I have been in Mumbai for eight to nine years and I have never faced any issues”



Divyanka Tripathi

“It’s very important to make sure that the security is good before you go for an event. One must ask for bouncers according to his /her popularity. Remuneration, travelling and staying options must be sorted and checked before one leaves for the venue. An actor must maintain a fine balance between being polite enough with the fans and clients to being slightly strict and professional so that no one crosses their boundaries.”


Poonam Preet

 “Since I have experienced a shocking situation myself, all I can say is I never in my dreams thought that a girl is not safe in public places and that too places which have top security and CCTV cameras. It’s not about a country or it’s not about all men. It’s about the cheap mentality of a few uneducated men who don’t respect the dignity of a woman even though having a daughter sister and mother at their home. From my personal experience, all I advice my fellow colleagues in the industry is , do not be dependent on anyone when it comes to your security and dignity. You have to be ever ready to face any kind of situation by being very attentive and judgmental about places and people around. Do not trust anyone easily. And if anyone tries to misbehave, please kick them or shout loudly or hit them with anything that you get in your hand which is available at that place so that you can get out of that place and later on please do speak about it to the media so that the culprit is shamed globally and people would be aware of. Do not be scared, be brave and be safe.  You are not lesser than anyone. Do not underestimate the power within you. You’re women, the strongest!”

36acee95-56f7-463c-ba7c-eaf9ccdeaceeVivian D’ Sena

“I feel that if we maintain our conduct and dignity no one will try all these things. One should know where to draw the line with the outside people. As a person one needs to be careful.  No one can take undue advances or advantage. One must have the right support system in life and there should be balance in personal and professional life.”



Shashank Vyas 

“Not only actors every individual should take care of themselves because it can happen to anyone. It’s very important for one to have good public conduct. It’s in human nature to be good. We should know where to draw the line in our conduct be it personal or professional.”


Saurabh Pandey

“I believe that fame always has its pros and cons. Fame is also a responsibility which needs to be handled carefully. It can give you lots of respect also it can put you in trouble. Both sides are extreme. I will suggest one should avoid going into a over crowded area or should be in a group if you go out.The more famous you are the more interference you will have into your personal life. Whenever one celebrity or upcoming personality goes for a meeting be sure that you are going to a reputed place. Crosscheck with your friends and internet. That is the reason most celebrity go to selected place only.


Ajay Chaudhary

“We have to be careful because we are public figures and we have to maintain some distance from the people. Fans or audience who loves our role want to meet us so we have to maintain our security.


Gunjan Utreja

“I think it is not about the fact whether you are a known face or not. This can happen to anyone, anywhere and the person you trust the most can sometimes be culprit. It is something you can never be prepared for. But precautions are better than cure. Be aware of your surroundings. The kind of people you are with. A lot of people don’t talk about it in order to not face embarrassment. As a society we need to support the victim and look up to them as a hero for bringing out the incident and the culprit to light. In my opinion once this starts to happen we would automatically see a drastic decline in such incidents.”



Aniruddh Dave

“Every actor need to be responsible. Entertainment industry brings its own perks, power and influences. One should be particular in ones conduct. One must have a perfect balance between personal and professional life. “It’s nice to be important but it is more important to be nice”


965b6012-14b7-47eb-a607-0618bee6023bLaksh Lalwani

“Entertainment industry is big. Not only actors but everyone needs to be careful. The law should be strict. Fine is just not enough for molestation or misbehavior.  One as an actor needs to be careful in one’s public conduct.”

All of the TV actors have great opinions towards the matter and one should take these precautions when they are in a public area.

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