Posted on July 25, 2016 at 10:43 pm

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#puppylove Laksh Lalwani becomes pet parent!

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Becoming pet owners is such a happy moment we experience in our lifetime. The popular and handsome hunk Laksh Lalwani recently adopted the cutest female puppy and since then his life has completely changed. When talking about his newly founded love whom he has named Sia he states,

“I am a big animal lover and I love dogs. When I was in my teens in Delhi I used to have a dog but due to various reasons, I could not have the dog for a long time. After some time I had to give it to someone else and I still remember the day because it was such an emotional day for me. Since that time I always knew that whenever I will get a chance I will have my own. Now when I am emotionally and economically independent I adopted one and my life has turned so magical.”


Laksh who is living alone in Mumbai has been doing a good job taking care of little Sia by giving her food at the right time and even taking her out for her medicines. He adds,

“I am enjoying the phase of a pet parent. Sia is so loving, every morning she will come to me and will hug me and will play with me. She is adorable and a real stress buster. I am managing her quite well. I am basically a loner and always love to be with myself only, don’t mix up with people a lot. So having Sia in my life is a great help and that’s why I kept her name Sia because in Hebrew it means helper. And Sia is a perfect helper in my life now. And I am happy that years back when I couldn’t keep a pet for reason and now I am capable of having one”


Congratulations to Laksh for becoming the parent to the very adorable puppy!

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