Posted on July 26, 2016 at 5:32 am

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Poonam Preet talks about her birthday!

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The gorgeous and sweet Poonam Preet had celebrated her birthday with all her friends and family making it even more special. She talks about her whole birthday celebration giving us the inside scoop on how she tends to spend the day and how she felt about her day.


How did you intend to celebrate your birthday this year?

My birthday is on 25th July.  I prefer having a working birthday and I feel blessed because since last 4 years I have been celebrating my birthday on the sets of my television shows. This time, the photo was there but got cancelled.  I would take my family and very close friends for dinner and I may catch up a film too.

What gift you intend to gift yourself this year?
I would gift myself an Audi as my birthday gift sometime soon before the year ends.


Which has been your most memorable birthday till date?

When I turned 16 years old, my dad threw a party at a very posh hotel in Delhi and invited my all relatives and friends. I had so much fun and the best part was I got tons of gifts.


Which is your favourite birthday song and why?

 My most favourite birthday song is “Happy Birthday To You” by Patty Hill & Mildred J. Hill. Because it is the song which is most relatable and familiar and commonly heard since the time we started celebrating our birthday.


How was the surprise cake cutting at home?

A few of my very close friends like Arhaan Behl , Puru,Shallu Shreya, Zaan Khan, Sanjay Gagnani gave me a wonderful surprise by dropping in at my place with cake, chocolates, and gifts to bring in my birthday and to make me feel special. I really didn’t  expect that my friends would turn up at that hour. I am so happy and blessed to have such beautiful people as my friend who don’t miss a chance to make me feel special and happy.


We hope that Poonam had an amazing birthday with all of her close friends making it the most memorable one of all.

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