Posted on April 14, 2015 at 3:00 am

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Play Ball! Miss America Nina Davuluri throws her 1st Pitch!

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It’s time to play ball! Baseball fans and families watching throughout the nation witnessed a historic night in Philadelphia with an evening celebrating cultural diversity, a Phillies win and a first pitch thrown by former Miss America, Nina Davuluri! 

 Erstwhile Pictures/ Platinum Dream Events
Credit: Erstwhile Pictures/ Platinum Dream Events – Nina Davuluri throws a pitch!

On Saturday April 11th, 2015, Platinum Dream Events, Philadelphia’s premiere event planning and production company, provided Philadelphia Phillies fans with an outstanding entertainment line-up featuring on-field performers, a dance spectacular at Left Field plaza, a Bollywood performance on the dug-out with the Philly Phanatic, and a first pitch honoring Miss America 2014.

 Erstwhile Pictures/ Platinum Dream Events
Credit : Erstwhile Pictures/ Platinum Dream Events (Nina Davuluri with the Phillies Mascot)

Fans were welcomed into the stadium to the sounds of the top 40 in Bollywood fused with western beats. The city’s top university dance teams took stage to bring South Asia to Philadelphia and were seen performing and giving fans an opportunity to learn some of the latest moves. The plaza event culminated with a visit from the beautiful Nina Davuluri who greeted fans who  were eager to shake her hand or snap a selfie.

 Erstwhile Pictures/ Platinum Dream Events
Credit: Erstwhile Pictures/ Platinum Dream Events – Nina Davuluri throws a pitch!

Moments before throwing out the pitch Nina exclaimed,

“Being here for Asian Pacific night and spreading my message of Cultural Competency has been amazing! I’m looking forward to a great game and win for the Phillies!”

This the first contestant of South Asian descent to win the Miss America Competition and the first to perform a Bollywood dance on the Miss America stage. It was another first with Major League Baseball and Citizen’s Bank Park where she became the first South Asian Miss America to throw out the first pitch.

“Our company has been organizing events with the Phillies for many years offering a large platform to honor renowned artists like Jay Sean, Raghav, Tina Sugandh, and Rajé Shwari. In our 10th year, we wanted to bring someone who was a beacon of inspiration to South Asians throughout the world – with all that she does with promoting cultural diversity and charity, Nina Davuluri was the perfect fit!”

said Mayank Amin, CEO and founder of Platinum Dream Events.

Well done Nina for throwing that pitch! You go girl!