Posted on December 7, 2014 at 4:26 am


The Bombay High Court Rules in Favour of Shraddha Sharma Fight for Justice!

Creative liberties and ownership of intellectual property have always been a cause of concern for artistes everywhere. Time and again, we have heard stories of musicians who didn’t get their due. However, looks like things are about to change now and the tables have turned! In the recent case of YouTube sensation Shraddha Sharma, Justice has prevailed!

For those of you who do not know, Shraddha Sharma became an overnight internet sensation through her YouTube channel ‘Shraddharockin’ with close to 160,166 subscribers. The 18-year-old musician was dragged to court by her ex-managers Multi Channel Network Culture Machine for her refusal to renew the contract.

From the looks of it, Culture Machine chose the wrong person to mess with. The courageous young star stood up for herself, fighting against the company to claim what was rightfully hers. Shraddha countered their complaint saying that her contract had ended when she had asked for the channel to be handed over to her. Eventually, The Bombay High Court ruled in her favour making her a symbol of inspiration for all budding artistes out there.


Like every young budding star Shraddha has plans to do great things with her musical talent and this would hamper her growth in a big way. Shraddha is among the many singers who dream to be recognised for their work in this internet crazy world. With this, hopefully, Culture Machine learned a good lesson in professionalism.

We have heard the brilliant girl singing and, must say, she is good! Shraddha has now started her own YouTube named ‘Shraddha Supagirl’. We loved her singing, go view her channel and tell us what you think about this young talented musician.

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