Posted on November 13, 2014 at 10:29 pm


Kim Kardashian bares it all for to break the internet!

Remember the saying, “The shot heard round the world?”  Well, for our modern era, I think we can safely say that Kim Kardashian has the “Butt seen round the world!” – and by round, I mean literally too!  Kim bared it all for in their effort to break the internet.  I’m pretty sure that the images of Kim won’t “break the internet,” but boy have the images been generating quite a buzz.  The picture is conceived by Jean-Paul Goude, an avant-garde french photographer. However, the style for the image is not anything new.  In fact, there had been an earlier shoot many years ago with a different model doing the same pose!  Before the release of the images, Kim actually tweeted out, “And they say I didn’t have a talent…try balancing a champagne glass on your ass LOL ”  It’s good to see she has a sense of humor when it comes to them.

The Kardashian Klan – Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie – became famous off of such tactics (remember Kim’s sex tape that had released?), which ultimately had resulted in their highly successful reality television show (and its variations).  So, you shouldn’t be surprised one bit that Kim would be chosen by to generate hype for their magazine.  Still, the photos have generated a vast spectrum of responses.  Some have criticized her for doing such a shoot as she is now a mother, while others have applauded her for continuing to be bold and focusing on her career post-motherhood.  Personally, I think that it is no longer correct to say that once one becomes a mother, they can no longer celebrate their bodies and sexuality.  Plus, I doubt that North will be exposed to these images until she is much older and can understand her mom’s lifestyle.

In response to the image, the Internet has been abuzz with tons of hilarious memes!  Click the gallery below to sample some of the best!

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