Posted on March 10, 2017 at 6:20 am

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Shiamak Davar Speaks About His Star Performers Of Zee Cine Awards

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When you think of classy award shows and stage performances, the one name that comes to your mind is Shiamak Davar! So as we approach the awards night at Zee Cine Awards, Shiamak with his Dance Company are hard at work rehearsing day and night to make the performances exciting for the audiences. The mix of star performers is very interesting this year with legends and current stars sharing the same stage. We caught up with the man himself as he shares anecdotes, memories and his experience working with each of them!

This is what he said about working with actors:


Varun Dhawan:

I am just so impressed by Varun! He came to me as a teenager to learn dance and was also a part of my Special Potential Batch. In these few years, he has worked tremendously hard and has become one of the finest actors in Bollywood. As his teacher, my blessings are always with him because I know he always uses his talent positively and has the utmost respect for my Dance Company and me!


Alia Bhatt:

My God, what a powerhouse of talent! From being a student at my classes as a little girl to now performing so well in such diverse cinema, her graph has been upward and she’s constantly raising the benchmark. I always enjoy choreographing her!



Without a doubt Govinda is my favourite performer! Oh what expressions and with such subtlety he just wows everyone! He dances with his face which is just unbelievable! Honestly, my entire Dance Company and I were the most excited when we heard his name as one of the star performers!


Raveena Tandon:

The general trend has been that I choreograph stars and then after a few years, their kids come to my dance classes. But with Raveena it’s been the other way round! Her daughter has been coming to my dance classes as part of my One Year Program for juniors and now after all these years I’m finally choreographing Raveena. She is just so stunning, such a treat to work with. The new generation must watch her act and learn that once you’re a star, you’re a star forever!


Sunny Leone:

This is the first time I’m choreographing Sunny. She looked stunning in laila. The stage is a new format where we’re working together and I’m sure we’ll have a great time working together on this show!


11th March will see the celeb brigade perform at the Zee Cine Awards and we wait with bated breath to watch the amazing performances choreographed by Shiamak Davar.

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