Posted on November 8, 2023 at 2:48 am

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Samarth Jurel needs to pull back from this one thing and then nothing can stop him from winning Bigg Boss 17; predicts celebrity tarot reader

Samarth Jurel‘s Bigg Boss 17 stint is filled with excitement and drama. He is showcasing his unique personality and entertaining viewers with his wit and charm.


Photo Courtesy Samarth Jurel Team
Photo Courtesy Samarth Jurel Team


Samarth’s journey in Bigg Boss and his love life is surely the talk of the town and we have is tarot predictions about this will surely blew you.
In a recent chat with the celebrity tarot reader Dr. Pranjal D Shharma on a chat show named The Starry Secrets where Samarth already revealed so many secrets, the tarot reader predicted Samarth’s BB journey and his love life.
Talking about his Bigg Boss journey Dr. Pranjal said,
“According to my cards your aim is to win so don’t let your agression take over and weaken your aim, the only thing that can pull you back is your anger”.
Emphasising on Samarth’s love life the tarot reader predicted,
“Your life partner will be someone with you have already shared a great bond in the past. If you have genuinely loved someone in your past relationships then that one person is going to come back. You two were never really seperated but that phase was essential for you to be distant to come back together stronger”.
Now it will be really interesting to see Samarth’s next move in the chaotic house of Bigg Boss and in his love life.
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