Posted on November 8, 2023 at 4:26 am

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Rajan Shahi: We should focus on those who are not privileged, this festive season

Producer Rajan Shahi is known for his larger-than-life dramas and celebrations on his shows. Be it his show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai or Anupamaa and Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si, all shows have their own USP in terms of elaborate backdrops and celebratory sequences, especially on festivals. However, while his shows might be extravagant, his Diwali plans are equally simple. He says that, this Diwali, instead of gifting people, who are earning well and living a comfortable life, we must focus on the needy.


Photo Courtesy Rajan Shahi Team
Photo Courtesy Rajan Shahi Team


He says that he has been doing so for the last two years.

“Diwali is a time when you want to spread joy and happiness. Over the last two years, I realized that there is no point in giving gifts to people who already have so much. We spend so much money on Diwali, but what is the point of showering gifts where there is already so much in abundance? We should give people who don’t have much so that their Diwali also becomes beautiful,” says Rajan.

He adds,

“So what my mother, Deepa, and I have been doing is that we donate money and give our blessings to a charity that is in need. This can be one that helps the underprivileged or maybe one that helps animals in need. We tell people now, don’t send us gifts, for the past two or three years, we tell them if they want to do something, give it to a charity in our name, or any needy person so that their Diwali becomes special and we get the blessings.”

He further adds,

“One should be kind to animals as they can’t speak. One must not celebrate at the cost of animal welfare”.

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