Posted on October 30, 2023 at 9:05 am


Nibedita Paal stand strong in support of Abhishek Kumar amidst emotional turmoil

In a dramatic turn of events within the Bigg Boss 17 house, actor and contestant Abhishek Kumar finds a friend in Nibedita Paal. As his ex-girlfriend and co-contestant, Isha Malviya, sends him on an emotional rollercoaster.

Photo courtesy Abhishek team
Photo courtesy Abhishek team

A visibly upset Nibedita Paal spoke out, expressing her disappointment in Isha’s behavior. “She’s a liar and doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. I’m really disappointed in her, and I hope Abhishek comes out of this stronger than ever. She is projecting Abhishek in a completely negative light, which is completely false,” Nibedita remarked firmly.

The root of this turmoil can be traced back to Isha’s mixed signals, which left Abhishek in a state of confusion about the status of their relationship.

Hopes of a rebound were shattered when actor Samarth Jurel entered the Bigg Boss house, claiming to be Isha’s current boyfriend. Isha’s apparent surprise at seeing Samarth was overshadowed by her swift shift in alliances, as she moved to share her bed with Samarth just hours after his arrival, completely ignoring Abhishek.

The aftermath of this turn of events has left Abhishek heartbroken and emotionally drained.


His fans, however, are rallying behind him, hoping to see him heal and ultimately win the reality show.

This shocking twist within the Bigg Boss 17 house has generated heated discussions on social media. With fans and viewers expressing their opinions on the matter.

As Abhishek Kumar navigates the complex dynamics of the reality show. It remains to be seen whether his resilience will help him rise above the emotional turmoil and secure victory in the competition.

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