Posted on September 18, 2023 at 3:26 am

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Nima Denzongpa actor Surabhi Das on kids using social media

Youth of India is going through a big transition phase where technology, social media and opportunities are all happening at the same time. There is a lot of confusion be it regarding career choices or relationships or personal life. In fact, we all are exposed to too much of everything irrespective of the age bracket. Surabhi Das, who made her debut with the show Nima Denzongpa, shares her opinion.


Photo Courtesy Surabhi Das Team
Photo Courtesy Surabhi Das Team


“Currently it’s a world of social media where everyone is just on the phone. Phone has become like our organ, it’s that important, everything is just a click away. I see a lot of kids carrying smartphones with them, even on Instagram there are so many kids who make reels with weird expressions that really bother me. I really feel there should be an age restriction for these platforms. And if we talk about it from a career point of view, I think it benefits lots of people, when it comes to earning money, fame, opportunities and a lot more. But along with that it’s hampering our privacy also, we have no private life, everything is exposed. People have become more judgemental, that’s causing stress, anxiety as well. I just feel we should be well aware about the use of everything. Too much is always bad,” she says.

Everyone is complaining about the shortage of time. The stress level has also increased among people in general.

“There’s no shortage of time, it’s just our priorities that have changed. We have started spending more time on scrolling than doing our work. Stress is increasing because of the competition all around. Everyone wants to be the best, and why not. But in the race of being the best we have forgotten to live in the present. Worrying about the future, followers, likes, comments online is causing more stress these days. I just feel rather than running after what will happen tomorrow, we should focus more on today, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t think about the future. But then they have to live in the present also. Competition will always be there but if we trust ourselves and work hard, there will be no space for stress,” she adds.

In the entertainment industry, the pressure to be better and the best is more visible in the public domain, is also something that is raising concern.

“There’s pressure to be better or better in every industry. But in the entertainment industry it’s visible because everything is on social media or screen. After the TikTok and reel thing, it’s more visible to the public,” she says.


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