Posted on April 12, 2023 at 2:17 am

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Nivedita Basu: Taking the least amount of stress is being healthy

Nivedita Basu, VP Content and Business Alliance, Atrangii TV and OTT, says that stress is the biggest factor of ill health. One must make sure to be stress-free and stay happy, she says.

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“Before anything, I think to take the least amount of stress is being healthy. Apart from that, yes, I always incorporate something I like in my day which helps me work out. I’m not much of a gym person but I like sports such as squash, swimming, and cycling. Right now, it is squash and I’m obsessed with it.  We like meditation as well because we have taken to it at a younger age. My grandparents used to be part of RamaKrishna mission. So that has been a part of us as well,” she says.

Talking about being happy, she says,

“For us, the idea is to be happy. A lot of people say you socialise so much around. You’re there for everyone but I only do as much which makes me happy. I don’t take stress that I have to be there. It’s not about having to be there. I do what I want to and that is what my mantra is.”

She adds,

“I think for good health, we can see videos, keep watching people around but it has to come from within. I always thought in my head that I would never compare myself with anyone. Why is that person happier? You have to stop getting affected by others. It has to come from within. Today, if you feel that you’re stressed, just go out and take a holiday. If you want to step out, do it. The problem is we keep dwelling on it. We want to manifest it. We don’t do anything about it. So I think the first step is to take that step from within and see the change. You have to start somewhere.”

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