Posted on September 18, 2023 at 3:37 am

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Pavleen Gujral opens up on why she chose to be part of Sukhee

Actress Pavleen Gujral, who plays the role of Tanvi in upcoming film Sukhee says that it was the subject of the film which attracted her initially. The actress adds that the layers in her character and her character graph are remarkable as well.


Photo Courtesy Pavleen Gujral Team
Photo Courtesy Pavleen Gujral Team


“Mukesh Chhabra’s casting company approached me for the role of Tanvi. This happened about two years before we began shooting the movie. I was one of the first people to be chosen for the film. Later on, they selected other actors for different roles. They wanted to make a movie about girls having fun and forming strong bonds. I had previously acted in a film called Angry Indian Goddesses, which was my first film and had won awards. The topic of that film was similar, so I believe that’s why they asked me to be a part of this one,” she says.

She adds,

“The most interesting aspect of my character, Tanvi, in the film is that she has a dichotomy in her character. She is living a dual life. So, on one hand, she’s completely traditional and follows the family’s rules, and on the other hand, when she’s with her friends, it’s a different story. She plays both the parts beautifully.”

Talking about how she prepared for the role, she says,

“The character I play in this film is essentially a woman who’s married into a royal family, and her life revolves around the intricacies of royal traditions of wearing pearls and sarees. To prepare for this role, I did some research on figures like Maharani Gayatri Devi and the princess of Patiala to understand their lifestyles, attire, and demeanour. This was important to do justice to the character. On the other hand, the camaraderie with friends in the movie felt very familiar, just like hanging out with your own friends. It came naturally to me. But yes, the aspect of portraying royalty required a bit of research.”

The film speaks about reliving your old school and college days. Talking about her own days at Delhi university, she says,

“My favourite part of my academic years was when I was in Delhi University. I studied computer science honours at Hansraj College in DU. After that, I pursued LLB, so I’m a qualified lawyer also. These six years were the best time of my life. Delhi University was all about spending time with friends.  I was very involved in theatre during my years, and I continued to build on that passion during college. I owe a lot of what I’ve learned as an actor today to my college days, and they were truly the best years of my life.”

Ask her what the film means to her, and she says,

“Sukhee is a film that every woman and girl around the world can connect with. It tells the story of a woman who transitions from being a wife to a mother and a daughter-in-law, and forget themselves. Sometimes, fulfilling her own desires is neither encouraged nor allowed. This story is for all the women, especially our mothers, who have made numerous sacrifices and set aside their ambitions for the sake of their children and families. They often find themselves bound by the responsibilities that come with these relationships. However, they also deserve to rediscover themselves, and that’s what Sukhee is all about. The main character, Sukhee, rediscovers her past and her true self through her friends during a reunion. This journey helps her remember who she really is, and it improves her current relationships. When you’re a happy person, it positively affects your relationships as well. So, I believe Sukhee will be a significant film for everyone who watches it. It’s a wholesome family entertainer.”


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