Posted on August 11, 2023 at 3:54 am

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Sandeep Sachdev opens up about being part of Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti

Actor Sandeep Sachdev, who is part of Prateek Sharma’s Pyaar ka Pehla Adhyaya: Shiv Shakti, says that he loves being part of the show. The actor, who plays the role of Kamalnath Kashyap, adds that he loves the title of the show as well.


Photp Courtesy Sandeep Sachdev Team
Photp Courtesy Sandeep Sachdev Team


“I already knew about Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan, but I had never seen any episodes. I was aware of it because Shabir Ahluwalia is a friend, and we have known each other for a long time. I was so happy when I learned that I am in ‘Pyaar ka Pehla Adhyaya: Shiv Shakti,’ I thought it would be a royal portrayal, the first chapter of love, and I really love the title ‘Shiv Shakti.’ It’s a very empowering title. The show has already started, and we are receiving amazing responses and positive vibes for what has been showcased in the last few days. I was just wondering how I will be able to portray a character that is the epitome of love. Usually, it is the main leads who carry that responsibility,” he says.

He adds,

“My character’s love is focused on his wife, his family, his mother, and his brother. As the story progresses and my character discovers certain things that he is unaware of at the moment, his character will develop further on screen. Right now, I am portraying a lovable husband, father, son, and brother, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. In reality, I also believe that I possess those characteristics. I am a person who loves people, so it’s not something that is very difficult for me. Initially, when I begin to portray that aspect of loving everyone, but as the episodes or the story progresses, let’s see what unfolds and how the character evolves.”

Talking about working with LSD Films, he says he is loving it.

“Well, I must say that this is my second daily soap, and I remember receiving a call around the 5th of May when they learned that my first show, ‘Lag Jaa Gale,’ which I did with Sandeep Sikand, was going off-air. It’s unfortunate that it happened because I had shot for nearly two weeks, and I absolutely loved the character of Rishi Taneja. It made me realize how good and beautiful television can be. I had a great rapport with everyone on the set, from the crew to the cast. When I received a call from Studio LSD, I knew that ‘Radha Mohan’ was a successful show of theirs. I was told that this show would be a prequel, merging it into ‘Radhe Mohan.’ They are truly a fantastic production house to work with. I have been interacting with them for close to two months now, and they are thoroughly professional, taking care of not only the cast but also the entire crew. They are very particular about professionalism. It’s a wonderful team of people, and though I have only briefly met the producers, I believe I will get to know more about them with time. I am very much looking forward to building my relationship with them,” he says.

He adds,

“I got to know about  Studio LSD  when I was signing the show. It turned out that Prateek and I live in the same building here in Bombay. He had come to the set and introduced himself. It was the first time I met him, and I mentioned to him that we live in the same building. So, he said, we would be working together more often now and that we should meet frequently, considering we live in the same building. We made a few plans as well. It’s great how Prateek makes all of his actors feel warm and important, which I believe is crucial. It shows that he is a great team leader, and those characteristics say a lot about a person.”

While the show is set in Banaras, Sandeep’s part will be shot in Mumbai.

“Initially, when the team went to shoot in Banaras, they were unsure if they would take me because of a particular part that I cannot reveal. However, they didn’t shoot that part there; instead, it will be shot in Mumbai. Nevertheless, having been to Banaras before and knowing how the city is, I can draw on that experience. Whenever I’m on set, I always have to imagine that we are in Banaras, which is crucial. The trip to Banaras 15 years ago was made possible thanks to my sister and one of my friends, so thanks to them, I have been able to imagine and feel the vibe of Banaras. Let’s see how everything unfolds with time,” he says.

He adds,

“As an audience, I had a feeling of awe at the amazing production value already showcased in this show. In the first episode, they introduced Shakti’s family and portrayed the characterization of Banaras so well. The buildup of Shiv’s character and the interactions with my on-screen mother and Mandira were impressive. The overall production value is incredible. I’m not saying this just because I’m a part of the show, but even when the promos started a day before the show aired, they were shot so beautifully that I knew what I was getting into. I was genuinely excited to be a part of such a grand project. I am confident that we, as actors, will live up to the expectations through our performances. With Studio LSD involved, there will be no compromise. We know we are in capable hands.”

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