Posted on August 11, 2023 at 4:08 am

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Rahul Sharma: People will suggest you’re not good enough or won’t succeed, disregard these opinions

Actor Rahul Sharma says that a resilient attitude full of determination to succeed is what will get you through in this industry. He adds that it’s important to continue to have faith in yourself.


Photo Courtesy Rahul Sharma Team
Photo Courtesy Rahul Sharma Team


“Take good care of yourself and dismiss the negativity that may come from others. People may attempt to discourage you by suggesting you’re not good enough or won’t succeed, but it’s crucial to disregard such opinions. Instead, compete with yourself, striving to improve and excel in your craft. Remember, acting encompasses more than just performing—it involves your physical appearance, voice modulation, and additional skills like learning new arts, languages, or even martial arts. Pursue whatever captivates your interest. By diversifying your endeavours, you open up numerous possibilities. Consequently, you’ll establish a support system that ensures you’re continuously engaged in some form of activity. When opportunities for auditions arise, approach them with diligence and a sense of ownership. Treat each audition as your own project, leaving no room for feelings of depression or anxiety. Moreover, consider planning your finances, allowing for periods where you won’t be working for extended periods. By adopting such a strategy, you can secure a sufficient income for the upcoming years. With focused effort and perseverance, you can find a suitable project within a six-month timeframe. In essence, it is not an insurmountable task, but it requires planning, unwavering focus, and most importantly, belief in oneself,” he says.

He adds that one must continue to work hard.

“The first thing is, without a doubt, it’s a highly competitive world. However, the key is to solely focus on oneself, which is the most important aspect for an actor. Concentrate on personal growth, nurturing your skills, and expanding your horizons not only as an actor but also as a human being. Seek enriching experiences, especially during periods of inactivity when you’re waiting for the right project or when there’s a lull. If feasible, embark on trips and explore different parts of the country or even venture overseas, as these experiences can be applied to your acting when the opportunity arises. These experiences provide valuable insight into your own life and emotions, enabling you to effectively portray characters in real life. So, when you find yourself with free time, direct your focus inward. Engage in regular exercise and mindfulness practices to maintain a healthy mind and body, as your well-being should be the foremost priority for any actor,” he says.

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