Posted on April 16, 2023 at 5:57 am

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Mohsin Khan: For me Mother’s Day is celebrated a month prior on my Ammi’s birthday

Mohsin Khan is amongst the most popular celebs in the entertainment industry and enjoys a massive fan following. But what makes the actor more special is that regardless of his busy professional life, he is a family man.

His social media is a proof, that the actor has always made sure to be there on special days. He recently celebrated his mother’s birthday, who is most special to him. Over the years we have seen him celebrating Ramadan, observing fast while shooting for his show.

This year Mohsin after a really long time now when he is not shooting, he was at home with his family and loved ones celebrating it. He wished his mother in a most adorable way.

The actor said,

“For me Mothers day is celebrated a month prior on my Ammis birthday on 13th april.  This also being a holy month this year. We offered our prayers at Mahim durgah for my ammis long life.  With a small get together with my entire family”.

Photo Courtesy Mohsin Khan Team
Photo Courtesy Mohsin Khan Team

On the professional front, the actor keeps teasing about his upcoming project. He has some incredible projects stored in the pipeline for him which will be announced soon.

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