Posted on March 27, 2023 at 10:22 am

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Mohsin Khan on celebrating the holy month of Ramadan with family after a long time

Actors are fasting and praying religiously in the holy month of Ramadan. Mohsin Khan is amongst the most popular celebs in the entertainment industry and enjoys a massive fan following.

Photo courtesy Mohsin team
Photo courtesy Mohsin team

Over the years we have seen him celebrating Ramadan, observing fast while shooting for his show.


In the past years while the actor was shooting. He used to fast and do all the rituals on the set with his co-stars and all the people on his set, who were like a family to him. From working together to having Iftiyaari together.


And after a really long time now when he is not shooting. Mohsin will be at home with his family and loved ones celebrating it.



Talking about the same Mohsin said,


“For the longest time, while I was shooting for my show, I had celebrated Ramadan with my co-stars, technicians, my team and staff of the show. We used to have so much fun doing all the rituals together. It was such a pure joy observing fast and having Iftiyaari with them.

And now after a whole 7 years, I’m celebrating the month of Ramadan with my family and loved ones. From waking up for Sehri, offering prayers, to iftaar. It is such an incredible feeling to be with my family this time just like my childhood days. It takes me back to those beautiful memories. I’m so grateful for all the love I have received and I’m very much excited for this whole month of festivities”.


On the professional front, the actor has been loved massively in music videos where in his fans never forget to trend him for all the work he’s put together for them.


We also heard the actor is busy having many narrations meetings. So we are hoping to see him soon on something huge!

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