Posted on April 16, 2023 at 5:27 am

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Rupali Ganguly recollects her childhood memories of Poila Baisakh

New year and a new zeal! Being a diversified country, India celebrates every festival with happiness and openness. Today marks the new year of Bengali linguistics, called Poila Baisakh, it’s the beginning of harvest. In unison, the country is celebrating this festival today. Actress Rupali Ganguly never misses a single festival and proudly represents her Bengali culture and customs.

Speaking about this festival, Rupali Ganguly says,

“Poila Baisakh is a Bengali festival associated with my papa and mummy being a Maharashtrian celebrated all the Bengali festivals with same enthusiasm. She was very adamant that we have both cultures in us. Every kind of festival was celebrated in our house and especially Bengali festivals like Poila Baisakh, Saraswati Pujo, Durga Puja that’s like in every Bengali’s DNA. We go mad.”

Further, the actress also shared her experience about Bengali New Year,

“But Nababarsho is very special because it’s the beginning of the new year so it would begin with getting up early in the morning, freshening up, touching Papa and Mummy’s feet. Phir bhagwan ke samne diya lagate the and do a pooja together as a family. And not to forget Mummy’s paayesh and kichuri was a staple for every function and nobody makes mere maa ke haath ka paayesh and khichuri.”

Rupali recollected some childhood memories, adds,

“My bengali cousins came over and we would celebrate it together. My Papa would sing because he was a very, very good singer; and we had harmonium at home so he would sing some good Robindro sangeet. It was just a very beautiful atmosphere. Then some decorations at home . It was very beautiful celebrating Poila Baisakh.”

The actress also applauded her mother for being Maharashtrian who adapted to the Bengali culture so well.

“Kudos to my mom!! I mean the way she imbibed the culture so beautifully and the way she made us learn the diversities. The intercaste marriages are beautiful!! My mummy can speak fluent Bengali. It is just so beautiful.”

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