Posted on January 12, 2023 at 11:02 am

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Sreejita De and her fiance Michael Blohm-Pape lock lips on Bigg Boss!

With the family week that is going on in Bigg Boss 16’s house currently, the vibes and positivity in the show are at their utmost. Usually, there are issues, fights, and some verbal spats that always keep the temperature in the house warm, and the disputes among the contestants often keep a thrilling atmosphere active in the show.
Credit Sreejia De PR
Credit Sreejia De PR
Apart from that, thanks to the family week segment going on, it has been all fun, and viewers are indeed cherishing this cute and positive environment in the BB house. After having seen the family members of certain housemates, in the upcoming episode audiences will witness Michael Blohm-Pape, whose ladylove Sreejita De  is locked inside the BB house.
After being apart for a long time, Michael will finally get some endearing time to spend with his love, Sreejita. As shown in the newly released promo for BB 16, Sreejita’s excitement took off to the next level as her fiance, Michael entered the house, and she jumped with all her love and eagerness. The most interesting part was that the audience will get to see the couple to lock lips on the national television for the very first time and now as the promo is released people are more than excited to watch the full episode.
The frame of the lovebirds Michael and Sreejita made the viewers go “awww” over the moment, and in today’s full episode, they will surely swoon in the audiences’ hearts with some cute and lovely moments in the Bigg Boss house.
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