Posted on January 9, 2023 at 4:31 am

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Actor Arjun Bijlani calls Tina Datta as potential winner of Bigg Boss season 16

Bigg Boss season 16 has reached a critical moment and everyone is wondering who would be the winner of this season. While there goes different names here and there, actor Arjun Bijlani sees Tina Datta as a potential winner. Sometime ago Colors conducted a QNA on Twitter asking who does the audience see as the winner. Arjun went ahead tweeting Tina’s name.

He further also had Priyanka, Shalin and Sumbul in his list.

While Tina has always been praised for her game, she has on a multiple occasions been called the mastermind of this season too. Ankit Gupta had vocally expressed this during a task. Even Salman Khan has praised her and guided her at times when he felt she was going the wrong path with Shalin Bhanot. Sajid Khan in a recent episode clearly told Datta that he knows she is here to win. As the game goes ferociously, everyone is gearing up and Tina is showing all her sides nicely… From the cute little girl next door to someone who is gutsy to call a rock as rock. She has gone against Sajid’s biased game too.

Tina has been in the headlines since day one. She is fashionable and has taken the style game up this season. Her comebacks and wit have always been applauded. Give it to her, she has been graceful and elegant too!! Now, it would be interesting to see if Arjun’s vision comes true or not…

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