Posted on January 3, 2023 at 12:41 am

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Ankit Gupta trends on Twitter; fans call him, “BLOCKBUSTER ANKIT GUPTA”

The former lead actor of the popular show ‘Udaariyaan’ was recently seen in the Bigg Boss house as a contestant on the reality show.

Photo Courtesy Ankit Gupta Team
Photo Courtesy Ankit Gupta Team

The actor was known for his calm personality and witty punch lines. His candid replies made him the most liked contestant in the house and fans kept supporting him through thick and thin.


The actor got betrayed by the housemates and got evicted in a shocking eviction. To which the fans showed rage and blamed Bigg Boss for the unfair eviction.


The actor was not voted out by the fans but by the housemates of Bigg Boss house. The actor agrees that he was wrongly evicted and reacted to his eviction and said,



“Mistake Bigg boss se ho gayi hai hai ki iss baar eviction ghar walo ke hath main de diya aur ghar walon ne target kar liya.”


Gupta was recently trending for “No Ankit No Bigg Boss” as fans tweeted more than 1 million times in support of the actor to which he responded by saying,


“it is overwhelming and I have no words to express this feeling. I think kisi bhi artist ke liye sabse badi cheez hoti hai audience ka pyaar, aur pyaar jab iss roop main mile toh I don’t know what to say. I’m very grateful and thankful to all the viewers and God ki itna pyaar mil raha hai.”


The actor Ankit Gupta has been getting a lot of support from his fans. As they make him trend on social media every day.

The fans wish to see him back on the show but the actor has not confirmed anything about entering the house again.

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