Posted on January 9, 2023 at 4:37 am

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Fans rename Bigg Boss as ‘The Shalin Bhanot Show’, trending in India today!

While Bigg Boss 16 received an extension owing to the massive TRPs this season, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the contestants have made a way into the hearts of the masses & one of the few names that consistently trends on Twitter week after week is that of Shalin Bhanot.

With a career spanning over two decades & some 20 odd shows, Shalin came on Bigg Boss to get rid of his emotional baggage & start afresh. From his physique to his flamboyance to his childlike innocence & million dollar smile, Shalin has carved a niche for himself.

Though as per popular opinion, the makers have been unkind or rather biased towards him as the actor is cornered week after week, only making his game strong as Shalin has managed to grab eyeballs & also found support in fans who engage in Twitter wars & root for the actor.

After the last Weekend Ka Vaar where the entire episode revolved around Shalin & after Shalin courageously took a stand for Tina who had been exposed by Salman, fans renamed Bigg Boss as The Shalin Bhanot Show.

During the time of writing this article, over 23 thousand tweets were already rolling & fast increasing as we speak.

The actor definitely is a one man army this season & looks like the makers are banking on his popularity too.

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