Posted on November 9, 2022 at 4:58 am

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Tina Datta trolled for her behaviour towards Shalin

When Shalin had asked Tina whether she likes him: ‘A little more than a friend’ had come as a reply & that was the beginning of new relationship blossoming in the house a few weeks ago. Though the two have maintained that what they had was purely friendship, the audience felt otherwise & started shipping the two together & they had a hashtag too #Shalina that was all over Twitter for many consecutive weeks.


But all’s not well in paradise. The two seem to have fallen out following a task. While Shalin continues to show affection & make amends, Tina has gone all out humiliating the actor on national television & calling him fake shortly after he passed a positive remark for Soundarya.

Tina’s jealousy was all over the place everytime Shalin & Sumbul spent time together or when Sumbul wore Shalin’s jacket & didn’t speak to him for a whole day. Last night Tina eavesdropped into a conversation between Shalin & Sumbul as they tried to sort differences & that enraged the Uttaran actress further more. She categorically told Abdu to not pair the two of them together & that she had no attachment towards him. Whereas only 24 hours earlier, Tina had mentioned in a candid conversation with Shalin that had it not been for the cameras, then their friendship would have progressed further. Then what went down in 24 hours?

Shalin has been loyal towards Tina & even picked up an argument with Sumbul when Sumbul chose to take away Tina’s ration & picked Sajid over her.

Fans of the duo are unhappy with this attitude & have called out Tina Datta for her unruly behaviour towards Shalin.

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