Posted on November 9, 2022 at 5:04 am

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Shalin wins over Abdu’s fans, love his emotional side.

Almost 5 weeks into the show, & one contestant who has received maximum love & also hate is Shalin Bhanot.


One thing that is synonymous with Bigg Boss is fights. Shalin Bhanot was one of the few contestants who didn’t instigate or was a part of an active fight, so he was unceremoniously crowned as Mr. Fake, only for displaying a composed attitude, something that people don’t expect from Bigg Boss participants.

With constant provocation, Shalin finally lost his cool & reprimanded Priyanka & Gautam for this distasteful comments & suddenly became the angry young man. Quoting Shalin, ‘ Agar tum achhe ho, toh nakli ho tum’ stands true in his case.

But Shalin has recently begun to win hearts all over again, when he first tried to plan a surprise for Ankit’s birthday but was later stopped by Priyanka & later for standing by Abdu when all hell broke loose in the house.

Archana decided to cross Abdu & hamper his captaincy by sleeping during the day. After repeated warnings by Abdu, Archana didn’t budge & that is when Shiv & Shalin took over & gave Archana a earful. Abdu later looked overwhlemed & restless & broke down in front of Shalin, watching his plight, Shalin too had tears rolling down his eyes & they both shared a warm hug.

Abdu’s fans have come out in support of Shalin & cheering him on for always standing up for the right. It’s about time we accept that Bigg Boss can have kindness & compassion too & everything cannot be fake.

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