Posted on November 9, 2022 at 11:36 am

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Travel Smart: 7 Rules of the Rental Road

Whether you’re planning a road trip, business travel, or looking for a way to get to the city from the airport, you may wonder if renting a car is an option. Here are 7 rules of the car rental service that will help you travel smart and avoid any stressful surprises.

  • Be picky about your rental company

While price is important, what matters is the level of customer service you’ll get if something goes wrong with your car. 

  • Know what’s covered by your insurance

Most car rental companies offer basic liability insurance, which covers damage to the car but not personal injuries or accident fees. If you’re renting a car for a long trip and want extra protection, get additional insurance before signing any papers.

  • Know what’s allowed in your state

First of all, each state has its own rules regarding the age of hiring a car. For example, in Illinois, this number is 21. So if you are under this age, make sure you have an adult with you.

Secondly, some companies charge per mile, which can add up if you drive more than expected.

  • Make sure everything is in working order before leaving the lot

After you’ve signed the paperwork and paid for your rental, there’s not much you can do if something isn’t right. Check if the company lets customers a car test drive before renting it. If something feels off when you start driving, you’re stuck paying for repairs or losing out on money already spent.

  • Know what kind of gas is in the tank

If you’re renting a car in Chicago or the airport, ask whether the vehicle has been fueled with gas or diesel. You’ll have to buy gasoline before returning the car if it’s the latter. Otherwise, you could face a hefty fine.

  • Know what kind of insurance is right for you

There are two main types of rental car insurance: liability and collision/loss damage waiver (CDW). Liability insurance covers damage to your own car as well as others, while CDW covers everything from tire damage to theft. It’s best to check with your insurance company before making a final decision.

  • Know how to handle an emergency

If your car breaks on the side of the road, don’t panic – just call the rental company and let them know what happened. The worst thing you can do is leave the car to get help or take public transportation, as this could result in additional fees or even theft of your belongings left in the vehicle. After everything has been taken care of, document the incident so you can be reimbursed for any fees incurred.

After following these rules, your rental car experience should go off without a hitch – and even if something unexpected happens, you’ll know how to handle it. So check them out to make your trip as enjoyable as possible!

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