Posted on November 9, 2022 at 4:57 am

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Kanika Mann appreciates Priyanka Chahar Choudhary’s efforts on Ankit Gupta’s birthday

The latest season of Bigg Boss is talk of the town since day one. The fan following of the show is massive. We often see B-town celebrities voicing out on social media to support their favourite contestant.

Photo courtesy Kanika team
Photo courtesy Kanika team

Recently, Kanika Mann took on to her Instagram appreciating her favourite contestant Priyanka for her sweet gesture for her bestfriend and co-contestant Ankit Gupta.


She wrote “Chocolates and cakes are fine. But Priyanka proves you don’t need fancy gifts to make someone feel special. It’s the love and the efforts that truly matter. Love their bond #Priyankit”


This post came after the recent episode of BB16. Where Actor Ankit celebrated his birthday. While other housemates offered Ankit Choclates on his birthday.


Priyanka went out of her way to make him feel special by doing his household duties and even making special tea for him.


She also spent the entire day with her bestfriend talking and making him feel special and not alone in the big boss house.


The day was also marked with cake, which was sent by big boss and delivered by Priyanka during the delivery task.


The bestfriends were later seen spending time discussing about their day in house away from other housemates while sipping tea made by Priyanka specially for Ankit.


Their friendship is leaving everyone awestruck and we truly agree with Kanika that “it’s the love and efforts that truly matters”.

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