Posted on November 16, 2022 at 6:13 am

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How Shalin Bhanot became the most talked about Bigg Boss contestant in last 24 hours!

It was a double whammy for actor Shalin Bhanot who celebrated his birthday while being locked away inside the Bigg Boss house.


The actor’s captaincy ban was lifted a day prior to his birthday & also Bigg Boss treated him to his favorite food, chicken.

Shalin has been making heads turn while prancing around the house shirtless, the video where he came out of the shower in a red towel alone went viral, when even Bigg Boss gave him a cheeky compliment.

But last night was a game changer for the actor. From being called the King of BB house this season, to Baadshah, to mastermind, it certainly looks like the stars are in his favor. Although Shalin has been nominated for eviction this week,  he seemed to have blown everyone over as he got his supposedly arch enemy, Priyanka on his side & they successfully got Soundarya & Gautam nominated.

The kind of love Shalin has been receiving since last night’s episode is something we have never seen before & he finally proved that he was the dark horse all along, even when Salman & Bigg Boss himself had to reprimand Shalin on various occassions.

Shalin was a subject to excessive trolls all this while & tables have finally turned & the actor is seen for what he really is. We believe this is the beginning & it can only get more interesting from here on!

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