Posted on November 16, 2022 at 4:00 am

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Crazy! Yo Yo Honey Singh and Larissa Bonesi groove to ‘Jaaam’

Larissa Bonesi and Yo Yo Honey Singh Drop the song of their new song Jaam- check out now.

Photo courtesy Honey team
Photo courtesy Honey team

Yo Yo Honey Singh is back with power, and whenever he announces his new song. The audience just goes crazy over his groovy beats and trendy tunes.


Once again, Yo Yo is back with a power-packed song, and to add more glamour to it, we have our talented beauty Larissa Bonesi. The one is going to raise the bar high with her hotness in the song Jaam. The song is definitely going to be on the next party loop list.


Larissa took to social media and shared a teaser of her upcoming song Jaam with Honey Singh, The song is a casino song. The teaser appears to be quite engaging, and it gives us the déjà vu moment from the Blue Eyes Days.


I’m excited to be working with Honey for the first time. The song is a complete party song; it’s one of those songs that will instantly boost your mood, and obviously. Honey’s songs are known for it.


We really had great fun shooting for it The song is something that really portrays and identifies the personality of Honey. In which is all about fun, happy moments, craziness, and a lot more.


This will be one of the songs on your loop list. Jaam is as incredible as all his other songs. I really had a great time shooting for it and felt really good to work with Honey.


Fans have just gone insane as the teaser is being dropped and they are awaiting the song which will soon be released on the 24th for everyone.” exclaims the actress Larissa Bonesi.


The song ‘JAAM’ is Presented by Gaurav Grover. The song is directed by Mihir Gulati and produced by Gaurav Grover, and Co-produced by Udit Vats.

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