Posted on November 9, 2022 at 1:03 am

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Ankur Nayyar happy with the love his production debut ‘Mard Ka Rape Nahi Hota’ is getting

Ankur Nayyar has been a part of a number of short films for Sahara TV. He was also a part of the Darna Mana Hai series and did a few projects for Goa tourism. His latest Mard Ka Rape Nahi Hota is based on an interesting concept.


“I have seen and also heard about such things (read mard ka rape nahi hota), and also stories where law has been misused and biased towards the female gender. It’s not a procedure of six months or so but it’s been almost 5-6 years that I’ve been looking for a concept that can initiate a discussion where people would say that ‘yes, this is a sensitive topic that is touched in a sensitive way without hurting anyone’s sentiments. So when I heard the story I was so sure that this is something I want to produce and want to start my production with as I always wanted to do something that would spread awareness in society. Law needs to be slightly strict, fair and gender neutral,” he says.

When Ankur saw a few people suffering in the eyes of the law because it was gender biased in a way, he thought of doing something about it.

“I also heard that people were so scared to open up about such things. So I thought of making his film that will give them strength. Then I met Yogesh Pagare who wrote as well as directed the film,” he adds.

Ankur shares that the film has been getting a wonderful response and that too beyond his expectations.

“Whoever has seen the film has told me that the way the movie is made is commendable. It has touched upon a sensitive topic well. People have realised that it’s the right time that voices should be raised. Meanwhile, a day when I had stepped out for some work, a boy waved at me and said I feel you. I wondered what it was about, I guessed he must have seen the film. If it’s making a difference and touching the hearts of people, we have succeeded. We are extremely thankful and grateful to everyone. I am so happy the first film from my production has done so well,” he sounds elated.

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