Posted on November 9, 2022 at 1:12 am

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Shalin’s man crush is what every Indian will relate to!

Bigg Boss is in its 16th edition & one thing that has been a constant is the host Salman Khan, who’s probably the driving force behind this show’s massive popularity across the country.


While Salman continues to rule over hearts of a millions girls, he does enjoy a humongous male following too & we don’t doubt it. In an unseen footage, Shalin revealed his man crush & it is none other than Salman Khan.

Though Salman has consecutively schooled Shalin during every Shukrawar Ka Vaar, Shalin has taken every word in his stride & as constructive criticism. He’s heard discussing it with Shiv, Nimrit & Tina that whenever Salman scolds him, he takes it positively, ‘Chota Bhai samajke, woh chilla dete hai’

Despite receiving flak from the megastar, Shalin continues to follow his footsteps. He’s even held Salman responsible for bringing fitness into his life & following it to a T. Shalin joked with his inmates that he’s going to leave the house & tell his people that Salman spent a considerable amount of time with them inside the house because it will be a big deal.

Talking about his man crush, Shiv also agreed that it is a dream of crores of Indians to be in close proximity to the Bhai Jaan & here they were lucky to share screen space & speak to the mega star himself.

Well we love Shalin’s man crush & we approve!

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