Posted on November 9, 2022 at 1:00 am

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Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia forced to lose her calm after being repeatedly instigated by Priyanka

Bigg Boss 16 is about showing different sides of various contestants whether it is good, bad or ugly.

Photo courtesy Nimrit team
Photo courtesy Nimrit team


In today’s episode, we saw Colors’ two favourite faces Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Priyanka Chaudhary in a verbal spat.


Infact right from the first episode, we have seen how Priyanka always tries to instigate everyone and especially Nimrit for footage.


In fact, everybody in the house including the host Salman Khan have put this point across multiple times that Priyanka jumps into a fight without any rhyme or reason.


Priyanka’s behaviour got her into trouble this time resulting in an ugly spat with Nimrit.


The fight started when Priyanka complained over food portions. It’s distribution with Tina Dutta directly accusing and instigating Nimrit and Shiv regarding the quantity of their food.


Nimrit who we have always seen eating extremely less, lashed out at Priyanka for being petty and for dragging her name unnecessarily.


Priyanka went ahead claiming that Nimrit wants ‘footage’ out of everything inside the house.


This left Nimrit fuming with anger. However, it has been repeatedly observed Priyanka jumps in every fight without having any agenda.


Furthermore, the same night she fought with Ankit who got a birthday surprise from the rest of the housemates. She was upset that he had offered chocolate to Nimrit.


She also fought with Shiv, while the fight was between Archana and Shiv. She has been seen provoking other housemates. Like Shalin and Shiv without any reason.


We saw a lot of netizens who were lashing out at Priyanka and supporting Nimrit. One Twitterati tweeted, ‘Love Her, Hate her but You can’t Ignore Her! #RockingNimrit #NimritKaurAhluwalia #Nimritians #bbqueennimrit #BossLady #NimritAhluwalia #NimritIsTheBoss’


Whereas, another twitted,


‘#NimritKaurAhluwalia Knows Stan didn’t like her much but still she’s consoled Stan and saying “Hum Sab hai Tere Saath”..she is a powerful &impact full lady who has no filth in her heart but love for all… Reason to love her,She’s genuine and has humanity’.


This is not the first time that Priyanka and Nimrit are embroiled in any matter.


Netizens and fans of Nimrit have always supported their Choti Sardarni and with each episode, they are pouring more love.

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