Posted on October 28, 2022 at 6:43 am

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Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is back in the game and fans love it!

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia made her mark with her entry into Bigg Boss as she became the first captain of the house. The actress is getting lots of love for portraying her real self in the house. In recent days we can see the equations between the contestants have been changing with each passing day.


However, in yesterdays  episode, we saw Bigg Boss given a “captaincy task” to everyone.  When Nimrit was asked to choose between Shiv Thakare as a captain or ration for herself or for all others in the house, she chose Shiv to be the Captain. However, her decision did not go down well with Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and few other housemates, who argued that Nimrit had no right to give up ration on behalf of others. After her, MC Stan went in to get ration as part of the planning conceived by Priyanka but soon after Soundarya Sharma and Ankit Gupta were asked to choose between ration and Gautam as their new captain. Soundarya chose Gautam but Ankit chose ration for himself.

Nimrit gave a very valid  reason that Shiv and his friends accompany her whenever she is alone. However, we can see a lot of hypocrisy in the house by Prinyanka with Nimrit. This clearly indicates how inscure she is with Nimrit. Priyanka was very stubborn on the fact that she wouldn’t give any ration to Nimrit. However, Nimrit reasoned that everyone should not complain about her decision as Soundarya Sharma also took the same decision to forego ration to save captaincy of Gautam and no one including Priyanka saying a word to her.

In fact, in the episode we can witness that Bigg Boss also supported Nimrit and calls out names of others who were blaming her and called them “aap sabki alag mahanta hai”. However, last night she was trending on twitter and netizens soon came out in support of Nimrit. On user wrote:

“Nims you just need to stay strong, everyone apart from your people are just scared and jealous of you that they want to bring you down by any means. just keep going, you’re doing great.”

Another user shared a screenshot of top trends on Twitter which featured #NimritKaurAhluwalia and said:

“Unplanned thing always brings out the best.”

This proves how much netizens love their Choti Sardarni!

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