Posted on October 28, 2022 at 7:25 am

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Here’s why Raahul Jatin’s latest song ‘Humansheen’ gets compared to John Legend’s ‘All of Me’

Raahul Jatin’s newest single, Humansheen has seem to have really struck a chord with the audience. From Raahul’s soothing voice to the calming music.

Photo courtesy Raahul team
Photo courtesy Raahul team

The romantic acoustic song has managed to create waves in the music scene. And now, fans go onto to compare the song with the famous song, All of Me.


It is by popular singer and songwriter, John Legend. Read on to know why.

The lyrics of Humansheen, that are written by father Jatin Pandit, and sung by son Raahul Jatin can be precisely described as ‘effortlessly beautiful’.


The song that is shot in the sceneic locations of America stars Hollywood actress Avantika alongside Raahul. But what really caught the attention of the audience is Humansheen’s striking similarities to John Legend’s popular song, All of Me.


A user wrote,


‘Is it just me or this sounds just as soothing as John Legend’s All of Me! Too good! They don’t make songs like this anymore! Hats off to you for making such pleasant songs in the era of remix culture’, while another user wrote, ‘Just came here after watching the music video on YouTube, and I have to say that there aren’t many songs like this made till now, and this one really touches my heart. Everything from the pleasant music to your voice, and the black and white video it’s purely magical. It’s a lot like John Legends song all of me’.


Well, given the beautiful monochrome video, Raahul’s soulful voice and the ‘barely present’ music. The song is further intensifies the vocals, we’re not surely surprised by the comparision.

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